October 14th, 2007


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An old man told me today that my generosity and kindness almost surpasses my beauty. It was probably the sweetest thing I've ever heard an old man say to me. Unincluding my Pa-dad. He has to say nice things though because I'm his grand-daughter.
In fact, it might have been the nicest thing anyone has said to me.
Then he proceeded to tell me Favre beat Marinos touchdown/pass record. Hahaha. Fuck, I love football.
So, surprisingly there are more than five bikes in the parking lot. And its Sunday! But by five I actually mean six. Haha! Aw... another boring day at work. And the game isn't on until later tonight... damnit. Eh... what else is new, right? I have a boring life. I'm getting pretty used to it. That just means that when something exciting does happen its fucking amazing.
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I want to be in a band like Denali.
That requires me being able to sing superbly and have an amazing band to play with.
I can dream, can't I?!

Kane Hodder is doing their video shoot in the woods on Babydoll Rd. On Romes property, actually. Haha I can imagine them freaking out and jumping and kicking and screaming and falling into bushes! CRAZIES! Wish I wasn't working... that would make my day fantastic to see them doing that.

Oh well!
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